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Feel the Love

Love. Sex. Autism. Bondage. Poli-tics. Philosophy. Nutrition. Erotica.

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Sunshine Love
21 September 1974

I love bondage and I enjoy being on both sides of the rope. I've taken rope bondage classes from some of the best teachers in the country; including Midori, Lee Harrington, Jay Wiseman, Robin Roberts, the Two Knotty Boys, Tomfoolery, Mike West, Jimi Tatu, Boss Bondage, and Max of bondagelessons.com as well as many others whom I got to meet and learn from at Bound for the Bay, Burning Man, and Shibaricon.

I both rig and model. I thoroughly enjoy decorative bondage and shibari as well as good old tie 'em up and torture 'em functional bondage. I really get off on putting big macho boys in bright pink rope.

I also enjoy all sorts of medical play and impact play; including spanking, flogging, caning, slapping, punching, CBT, cock bondage (CBB), and nipple torture. As a fitness enthusiast and onetime BBW, I enjoy Diet Domination and Boot Camp Workout sessions with my more fitness challenged clients. I love couples, girl on girl tease and toy shows. I also enjoy polite, respectful body worship and having my beautiful long hair brushed.

I currently write and do life coaching, phone sex, and pro-domme/sub/switch sessions at the Backdrop Club.

I also just had the privilege to attend an Axis Aerial Dance Intensive with Mir and A Company, which is a minor miracle considering that I used to weigh 300 pounds!

agoraphobia, altered states, anal sex, anarchy, as, asperger's, aspies, autism, bdsm, big pharma, bill of rights, bisexuality, bondage, bottoming, bottoms, cbb, chastity, communication, constitution, corporate accountability, cuckolding, depression, detox, diabetes, diet, dildos, domination, drugs, edge play, empowerment, enlightenment, erectile dysfunction, exhibitionism, existentialism, experimentation, face sitting, fairies, fantasy, fasting, fem dom, female ejaculation, figging, finger fucking, first amendment, fisting, flogging, foot fetish, forced feminization, freedom, fucking, gangbangs, geeky boys, geeky girls, gender issues, gfe, gmo, growth, happiness, health, hfa, high functioning autism, honesty, impotence, karaoke therapy, kink, kissing, learning, learning disabilities, liberty, linguistics, little dicks, making out, male bisexuality, martial arts, milking, mutual masturbation, mythology, natural healing, neurodiversity, nipple torture, nutrition, obesity, ocd disorders, oral sex, panties, pegging, personal accountability, personal responsibility, phone sex, play piercing, pms, polyamorous, polyamory, pro-domme, pro-sub, pro-switch, probiotics, prosopagnosia, prostate massage, prostate milking, reality hacking, relationship styles, role play, ron paul, rope, science fiction, self-discovery, self-help, sensuality, sex, sex education, sexuality, shibari, skin brushing, snowballing, social anxiety, spanking, spirituality, squirting, stimming, submission, suicidal thoughts or ideation, suicide, suspension, switching, temporary piercings, the secret, titty fucking, topping, tourette's syndrome, triple penetration, trophology, wax play, weight loss, wellness, working out, writing, yoga

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